My little poem to you

Today, I say
If we must be part,
Then let it be like this
Not heart on heart
Words are so weak
When love has been so strong
My Broken heart will never healed
It will haunt me for a lifetime,
Even if I meet someone else.
My past will teach me lessons
That will make me more aware
Moreover, more human.
Then tell me,
Why do I feel so hurt?
Knowing it can only get better


Anonymous said...

Because u r wrong ! the reality and truth that u believe now will evolve! And the way u ve loved him before will evolve as well, and u ll realize one day that u love someone else deeper than u ve never loved anyone ! u ve love him deep , but trust me your friend , you can love deeper !

Life will show u that there is always better and more than what we think. If u decide to let go that much love u have been able to give him, u ll see that u can love again deeper . No doubts!

LIFE said...

i am waiting for happiness and i still have hope to meet someone nice, only time will show me