Healing a Broken Heart – Is there hope?

Is there hope for healing a broken heart?

Something or someone has just broken my heart. I was caught off-guard by a betrayal, a shocking behavior, or loss of a loved one. Suddenly I am feeling like I have lost all hope . . . i can feel a physical aching in my chest that leaves me wounded and scarred. How can i ever hope to recover or discover what steps will end this suffering?

We all know that emotions are a vital part of the way we are made. Yet we can’t understand why it takes so long to heal from emotional injuries. We would never prematurely remove a cast or sutures until the broken bone or skin was fully restored. We must realize complete emotional healing requires time. The book of Psalms offers great comfort when experiencing long-term emotions like sadness, fear, and grief. “He heals the brokenhearted, binding up their wounds

Healing a Broken Heart – The key is trust

Our human tendency is to avoid painful situations, even burying them. Can we ever trust those who hurt us so deeply?

There are steps to healing a broken heart.




There is a reason

Read this, I really liked it….

Once there was a young man who proclaimed to have the most beautiful, flawless heart. An old man challenged him. The crowd looked at the old man’s heart. It was beating strongly, but full of scars. Some pieces had been removed and others had been put in, but didn’t fit quite right. The old man looked at the young man, “I would never trade my heart for yours. Every scar represents a person I’ve given my love -- I tear out a piece and give it to them. Sometimes they give me a piece of their broken heart, which I fit along jagged edges. When the person doesn’t return my love, a painful gouge is left. Those gouges stay open, reminding me that I love these people too. Perhaps someday they will return and fill that space.”

We would never choose to have a broken heart! The agony and recovery time is just too unbearable. There is Someone, however, who had a flawless heart and chose to have it broken. Medically when a heart ruptures (breaks) water gushes out .

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