Mind, Body and Emotions

The close links between the body and emotion mean that our bodies function as highly sensitive emotion detector. They are giving us a moment to moment readouts of our emotional state. Of course most of us aren't paying attention. we've too busy thinking.
Many of us have been brought up to ignore the body in the interest of achieving what ever goals we are striving to attain. As a rule, we have not been taught to be attentive to our physical selves as a way of learning and growing, (or, maybe i must say few of us did not....) to enhance our effectiveness in social interactions, and even for healing.
In fact, if we struggle with depression, we may feel a strong aversion to any signals that our body may be putting out. Those signals may be of a constant state of tension, exhaustion, and chaos in the boddy. We would prefer to have nothing to do with it in the hope that this interior turbulence will subside on its own.

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