Dubai 12/09/09

dubai, 12th of september. 2.12am I decided to have my own blog to share ideas, experiences with all of you. Right now at this moment, i am a bit confused about life, people and so many other things. One thing i know for sure is that i love life eventhough most of time i am asking myself if we were born to suffer. That's were the confusion comes in, i could talk only about myself but when i look around me, so many people are suffering ... It could be because of the economical crises, love, health and so many other things. Therefore, i would like to read other people story, experiences and how they over came their pain, sadness and so much more. I hope that i will be able to start conversation with some of you, in order, to understand the reasons we are on earth. Is it to be happy, sad, healthy or what? hope to hear from you soon Diva


Anonymous said...

What I ve learn from suffering is that everything heals with time ! How long it takes depends on how good u r towards urself ! It s like being empty, in the desert and walking miles before u find a date, then more miles to find anotherone ; And then finally one day u r walking in a beautiful garden full of fruits and flowers without realizing it ! JUST BECAUSE U DIDN T STOP WALKING !
Surviving is one of the lesson we all learn on earth in order to appreciate Life Deeper and at it real value ! Suffering is a chance God gave u to understand him and life better! Overcoming it the chance u give yourself to show God u r not dumb !
With Love ! Keep Going , I like ur blog !

LIFE said...

I totally agree with you and its because i kept walking, that i am who i am today. Also, my faith in God helped me a lot. However, i still believe that few people on earth were born to hurt others.
I hav another blog which is more personal, but i dont know how to give you the link, so if yu know how, please do let me know, as you will understand more about me. oh i find it, go to diva1156.blog.com